The Unbelievable Gospel by Dodson

Modern stereotypical evangelism isn’t the way it is supposed to be. It has become rote, by the numbers and simply unbelievable.

The Unbelievable Gospel
Say Something Worth Believing
by Jonathan K. Dodson
September 2014

The good news (pun!) is that there is a cure. What sinks is how obvious it is. What truly sucks is how underutilized. Be a real person and build relationships based on actually caring.

The world around us isn’t interested in hearing old words that don’t mean anything and canned responses to questions. But people are definitely still hurting and have needs that we know God had the answer for. How to bridge that gap? Do like Jesus and Paul did.

Dodson calls readers to real relationship and then customized metaphor for the Gospel. Instead of a one size fits all approach we should listen and then speak in the language and express the facet of the Gospel that would make the most sense to our friend.

This is a message that is very well written, scripturally sound, and so needed.

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