The City on the Edge of Forever by Ellison

Screenshot_2015-01-03-14-18-47-1“No woman was ever loved as much, Jim. Because no woman was ever offered the universe for love.”

The City on the Edge of Forever
Star Trek
By Harlan Ellison
IDW Publishing
February 2015

A crewman named Beckwith decides that he should end his tour rich so becomes a drug dealer on the Enterprise. When one of his junkies decides that his habit is endangering the ship he decides to Screenshot_2015-01-03-13-17-35-1come clean prompting Beckwith to attack him and flee the shop to a nearby planet. The planet is somehow, against all odds, habitable and hosts a city occupied by ancient creatures who guard a gateway to all of time and space. This is a city on the edge of forever.

Beckwith takes a chance and flees through the portal to the 1930s earth and changes the universe and timeline. To repair things Kirk and Spock go back in time as well. The guardians are clear though: there is a certain event that must not be Screenshot_2015-01-03-13-42-01-1changed or time will irrevocably change the universe.

After a time adjusting, Kirk and Spock find the focal point: a woman. More than that, as Kirk gets to know her – and maybe love her – Spock becomes convinced that the only way time is reset is if she is killed. This sets us up for one of the most emotional and powerful science fiction stories written. Can Kirk let her die, as he must, or will he holds on to this love at the possible peril of the universe add they know it?

Each page is fully painted and visually represents the characters very well. Fans of the original series and science fiction will appreciate and enjoy this excellent graphical version of the original teleplay.

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