Love the Least of These (A Lot) by Spielman

Nearly 45 million human beings have been brutally killed since January 1973. 45 million. That’s seven and a half times the number of Jews that were killed in the Holocaust. Thank God that the Holocaust of the Jews is over. Unfortunately, the Holocaust of the Unborn is not.

Love the Least of These (A Lot)
by Michael Spielman
Loxafamosity Ministries Inc
January 2013

Spielman is the founder and director of Loxafamosity Ministries, the ministry that runs, (in my opinion) the best and most well documented anti-abortion website and ministry in the world. The website is a cornucopia of scientific, theological, moralistic, and logical reasons to abhor abortion and for visitors to recieve support in case they were considering abortion or unfortunately had already had an abortion. A well rounded ministry to, and education of, people.

This book is similar to the website but in a specific, focused way. A primer more than an in depth look at the debate and the act. Questions of life and conception, moral relativism, effects of abortion, why it’s wrong and more. It seems like a great starting place for interested parties – both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life – to understand the debate and the why of what they believe. Which is why I don’t understand why it wasn’t published sooner and by a bigger publisher.

According to the author, this book was passed on by multiple Christian publishers. I can only assume that the publishers either, 1) didn’t think it was marketable, or 2) didn’t want to publish a book against abortion for fear of repercussions. Spielman addresses this point in the book: some Christian organizations and churches don’t want to get in to this topic because they feel it polarizes and causes dissension. Listen, this is exactly the type of topic that we should be dividing over. Jesus said that He would divide people (Matt 10, Luke 12) and even though many Christians would like to solely focus on building relationships, which is good, the problem is that where sin is there will be division because the act of sinning is the cause of the division (or turning away/ breaking relationship) with God. The division exists because of the sin, not because a Christian calls something a sin.

(This is not to say that we should walk around calling sins out. Jesus made it clear in his famous plank eye analogy (Matt 7) that we need to look to our sins and let God deal with the sins of others. But here is a major difference between judging people and killing people. Abortion is killing people. We don’t have the luxury of saying to ourselves, “God will work that out.” See here.)

Abortion is one of the most dangerous to discuss topics in the world. In Christianity, unfortunately, it isn’t a settled issue either as with our mouths we condemn the act as murder but with our choices show that we aren’t much different than the world around us. Most of these decisions are made without true understanding of abortion and what it is and why it’s wrong. Education is what we need. This book is a great place to start.

Whether you are a Christian, Pro Choice, Pro Life, an Atheist or anything in between this book is one of the most clearly and concisely written primers on the Biblical argument against abortion.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.