If you have a Kindle, I (Scott) can send you eGalleys direct to your Kindle for review. The benefits of an eGalley on Kindle is that they never expire. Here is how you can get started reviewing via this method.

For Kindle devices and Kindle apps on Smartphone and Tablets: Go to > Your Account > Manage Your Kindle. Once there select Manage Your Device on the left in the menu box (orange in the screenshot below.) Your first step is to identify and / or change your email address. (This also changes your email address.)

Click on the Edit option in the center of the screen (highlighted yellow in the screenshot below.)  A new pop-up window will open and you can name your Kindle and change / add your address and press Update. 

Once you have created your address, send it to

Now click on the Personal Document Settings on the left menu (orange in the screenshot below.) If you have WiFi available then you do not have to pay for the document (eGalley) to be delivered to you. So find the Actions link under Maximum Charge Limit (see screenshot below) and click it.

In the pop-up window change the maximum charge to $0.01 and click Update Limit.

Now, when you are sent an eGalley you may receive two documents on your Kindle. (Kindle Apps should not receive the first document as they use your mobile phone service to deliver the book). First, you will receive a Personal Document Fee Limit Reached notice from Amazon, which you can promptly delete. Second, you will receive the actual document (eGalley). What Amazon is doing is charging to send the document via their 3G network, which they call Whispernet. Since your document fee was set to $0.01 that fee precluded the use of Whispernet and instead forwarded the document to your email address via WiFi. (Your user name in the address is the same as in your address and you do not have to set this up.)

Since this means that you will only receive the document (eGalley) while in a WiFi network you may not receive your book right away if you are not in a WiFi network.

Finally, to ensure that you receive your documents (eGalleys) you need to add [email protected] to your Approved Personal Document Email List. (You may also want to add your own email address here if you ever decide to send a document from your email to your Kindle.) This is basically an exception to Amazon’s spam catcher program.

A note for those who have Kindle WiFi only devices: This method may not work correctly. Instead, I will attempt to send your eGalleys to your email address (the same as what you set up for your regular email address.) To get the books on WiFi only devices we need to ensure that you are in a WiFi area and have all your settings correctly set up. If you have trouble getting the eGalleys with a WiFi only device and all settings are correct then you will need to contact Amazon Customer Support to trouble shoot this. Their number is

Once these three steps are complete you are ready to receive your new eGalley and get reading!

Now that you have access to unlimited free books it is time to consider REVIEW REQUIREMENTS.

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