The fastest and easiest way to jump into reviewing is to sign up for eGalleys. eGalleys are a different kind of reading experience than many new reviewers are used to. First of all, you will never receive the physical copy of the book you review. Second, you may only have access to the book for a limited time -generally 55 days- to complete your review. This option is for those who enjoy reading for the sake of reading and not to collect books.

eGalleys through the sites below are in Adobe Digital Editions format. This means that they are copyprotected pdf files with time limits. You will not be able to move the files to a different device and you wont be able to open them once the time limit expires.

Adobe Digital Editions encrypted pdf files can be read on Nook and multiple other eReaders – but NOT Kindle – and also on computers (by downloading the ADE software, which is free), as well as Droid phones and tablets via programs like Aldiko 2.0.

Once you have your device setup with Adobe Digital editions installed and registered then you are ready for eGalleys. Go to and click register. In the drop down you will choose “Reviewer.”

Once registered, you will also need to fill in your bio. For your web site, choose If NetGalley asks for readers per month enter 700. As you complete reviews you will want to fill in your public bio with the review links and readership rankings.

Once you have registered and completed your bio you are ready to start requesting eGalleys. A note: there are so many books available that you may be tempted to request too many books. Pick one to three at a time to request and complete those reviews prior to requesting more. Quick, well written reviews will open up more opportunities on the site with bigger publishers.

Once you have your eGalleys and have read them you should take a look at the REVIEW GUIDELINES prior to sending the reviews in.

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