Ex Heroes by Clines

Here’s something I’ve never read before: a zombie novel. With super heroes. How this wasn’t a thing before this book series was written I’ll never understand!

Ex Heroes
Ex Series 1
By Peter Clines
Broadway Books
February 2013

The novel takes place in Hollywood. Heroes have turned a movie lot into a safe base for the civilians they have found since the start of the plague. Saint George, a superman who can also breath fire, along with several other heroes find that they aren’t just fighting against hoards of zombies, but against a large gang run be a [SPOILER] super powered civilian. As life and death hangs in the balance will our intrepid heroes find a way to survive? Tune in next week, true believers, to find out!

Or something. Yeah, it’s a serial pulp comic book zombie mash up. But it’s also fun and kept my interest as I flew through it. Will I read the next one? Yeah, when it’s on sale. Why not?

There is some sexuality, but nothing graphic. Some cussing that may be inappropriate for younger readers. It’s not very scary except for the zombies. Probably a late teen and older book for fans of both genres.

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