Blessing by Lyn Cote

blessingCan two seemingly opposite people unite together to face the danger that seems to lurk everywhere?

Quaker Brides #2
by Lyn Cote
Tyndale House Publishers
June 2015

A chance encounter at the Seneca Falls women’s suffrage movement leaves Blessing Brightman and Gerard Ramsey hoping to never cross paths again. Blessing is the Quaker widow of a difficult man whose death left her with wealth and a high standing in society. Gerard Ramsey is the son of a wealthy Boston family who craves independence and respect from his father. As Gerard’s best friend decides to court Tippy, Blessing’s best friend, he decides to dissuade him and moves to Cincinnati. There he gets to know Blessing for who she is. A simple Quaker woman with a passion to help those nobody deems worth helping. As he decides to enter in a business venture that will seemingly give him the independence he seeks from his father, nothing is as it seems. Someone wants to ensnare him with deceit, while the past Blessing has tried so hard to overcome seems to come back and taunt her. Things start to escalate as racial tensions start to give way to violence. As they fight their way through everything the feel themselves falling for each other but their past and their need for independence get in the way. Will they work their way through their problems and feelings?

This was historical masterpiece. It explored two of the major movement of that time, women’s suffrage and the anti-slavery movements. It also brought a sense of intrigue and danger I was not expecting. The book was well researched and was masterfully written. The author wove the historical, intrigue, and romance elements together very beautifully. I loved it and will recommend and read the rest of the series.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.