Ask Me to Stay by Kade

Bree, Zoe, Cara and Jessica are good friends. They will do anything for each other. This is Jessica’s story.

Ask Me To Stay
Against All Odds Book 3
by Savannah Kade
Griffyn Ink
April 2020

Jessica Valverde is an Los Angeles Police Detective. She is a badass and doesn’t take anything from anyone. She is working for a promotion. Alex Copeland, a uniform cop, is always asking her for a date. He is such a flirt, so she just ignores him.

Alex and Rex, his roommate, apartment is on fire. Luckily they were at home. He began evacuating the building. Soon help is on the way. His apartment is toast. Jessica invites him to share her apartment.

Things work out very well as their shifts are different. Jessica goes out on a routine call to identify a body found in an alley. Several detectives and Alex are on the scene. A drive by shooting occurs and her partner is killed. Jessica and a couple others were wounded.

Jessica and Alex settle in a fairly normal routine, but things seem to be changing. Alex is getting to her. She can’t have feelings for him. Alex is also looking at Jessica in a new light. Jessica doesn’t know how to handle this and ask Alex to leave.

Can Alex convince Jessica to give them a chance? Will they find true love together?

I enjoyed the book and recommend it to mature readers.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 89 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”