A Spy’s Devotion by Dickerson

CSpy an two people who seemed to be destined to be apart work together to stop a traitorous plot?

 A Spy’s Devotion
The Regency Spies of London
By Melanie Dickerson
Waterfall Press
Feb 2016

Julia Grey is an orphan that grew up in the charity of her uncle’s home. Growing up in upper society she was never let forget that fact she was not up in the social class. With a small dowry her hopes of landing a good match are slim. She and Phoebe her cousins have grown up as close as sisters, so when Phoebe is enamored with Nicholas Langdon and asks Julia’s help to land him she willingly agrees. Nicholas Langdon is a second son who needs to marry someone with a good dowry. Back from the army due to an injury he tries to fulfill a promise to a dying man to deliver his diary to someone at the War Office. When he gets mugged and the journal stolen he gets pulled in to the spy game. After being brought up to date his mission is to get as close as possible to Robert Wilhern who is suspected of treason. Using Phoebe as his way in, he meets Julia Grey who captures his attention and feelings. Having been burned by his past fiancé who left him for a much older richer man he decides to be cautious. Julia is trying her best to get Nicholas to notice Phoebe but soon realizes that she has growing feelings for him. After being continuously reminded by her aunt and uncle that she is the poor relation and should stay away from Nicholas she starts to see things more clearly. So when Nicholas reveals that he is a spy and asks for her help she agrees. As danger mounts and sparks fly will they be able to stop a traitorous plot and figure out their feelings?

This book was very hard to put down. It had mystery intrigue at every flip of the page.

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