30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Anders

Can you get a good exegetical understanding of the Bible and the theology therein in only a month? Possibly.

30 Days to Understanding the Bible
by Max Anders
Thomas Nelson
October 2018

This is actually an expanded thirteenth anniversary edition of Anders’ book. I’d never heard of it or read it before. It’s fascinating! Like a survey course in college this book goes a little deeper than normal studies but not quite as deep as higher level classes. I read through several and liked the way that he presented the information, allowed for repetition and fill in the blanks and then sometimes allows time for a test.

Speaking of time: there is no way that normal readers will get through this in 15 minutes! Some chapters, to be done right, will take 30 minutes or more. There is a lot of data to learn in each chunk. The good news is that the data is worth learning. So the extra time is worth it.

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A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.