2015 BookGateway.com Booky Awards

BookyBookGateway.com is pleased to announce its books of the year award, the Bookys, for books published in 2015!

The Booky is awarded annually by the editors of BookGateway.com, a book review website for reviewers and book bloggers founded in 2010 with the express goal of encouraging a lifestyle of continued learning through the love and practice of reading. The Booky awards recognize the best books published and reviewed at BookGateway.com during the preceding year. Each reviewer that submits at least 10 reviews during the calendar year along editors of BookGateway.com can nominate books for Booky award recognition. Final decisions are made by the Managing Editor of BookGateway.com.

Children’s & Teens:
I Am Princess X
by Cherie Priest | Arthur A. Levine Books | May 2015
From the review: “This is an outstanding, tense book! It’s a mystery, drama and young reader novel all in one and the best part is that no fluffy romance muddling up the core story. No love triangles.”

Hunt for Valamon
by DK Mok | Spence City | April 2015
From the review: “What the reader gets in the end is a fantasy that is fully developed, complicated but approachable, fun and adventurous and overflowing with heart. It will be enjoyable for teens and young adults as well as high fantasy readers. As for this reader, I have to admit that this was the most fun I’ve had reading a fantasy in a really long time.”

Graphic Novels:
The City on the Edge of Forever
By Harlan Ellison | IDW Publishing | February 2015
From the review: “Each page is fully painted and visually represents the characters very well. Fans of the original series and science fiction will appreciate and enjoy this excellent graphical version of the original teleplay.”

Darth Vader and Friends
by Jeffrey Brown | Chronicle Books | April 2015
From the review: “This is a whimsical, easy read that makes for a perfect gift book for fans of either humor or Star Wars.”

This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!
by Jonathan Evison | Algonquin Books | September 2015
From the review: “No spoilers, but the ending left me floundering. I was expecting something completely different, and Evison threw me for a loop.”

Fragile and Perfectly Cracked
by Sophie Wyndham | Independent Book Publisher’s Association | July 2015
From the review: “Having traveled the same path as Sophie, it’s VERY hard for me to be objective. The fact that she’s willing to open the pain of these moments and share with the world is highly commendable. Sophie doesn’t sugar coat what she endured. It’s a recommended read, but readers should be prepared for graphic details. There are unhappy parts to any journey through loss and infertility, and Sophie doesn’t hold back.”

Thriller & Suspense:
The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die
by Marnie Riches | Harper Collins, Maze | April 2015
From the review: “This novel is AMAZING! This is the first of Riches’ work that I’ve read, and I would quickly grab another! What seems to start out as a simple crime store with religious motivation quickly becomes so much more. Riches throws a plot twist into the novel that is completely unexpected, yet perfectly executed in this fast-paced, exciting novel.”