You’re Gonna Love Me by Hatcher

Samantha Winters and Nick Chastain had been dating for several months. Nick is a brilliant professor at Organ State University and an adrenaline junkie. Samantha liked everything organized and safe. She is afraid of everything. She witnessed her father being killed in a skiing accident.

You’re Gonna Love Me
by Robin Lee Hatcher
Thomas Nelson
December 2017

When Samantha learned that Nick planned to go on a kayaking trip to Colorado on his spring break, this was all she could take. Harsh words were spoken, and Nick walked out. This ending their relationship. Samantha tried to apologize by email to Nick but he didn’t answer.

Two years later Samantha moves to Thunder Creek, Idaho to care for her grandmother who had been thrown by a horse and broken her ankle. Later, at the hospital, Nick comes to visit her grandmother. Samantha was speechless. How did Nick know her grandmother, why was he in Idaho, and why wasn’t he teaching at the University?

Over the course of weeks Samantha and Nick become friends. She learns the planned trip that had destroyed their relationship had almost ended Nick’s life. He can no longer teach and has opted for a quiet life in Idaho.

Will Samantha let go of her fears, trust that Nick is a change man, and will she and Nick recapture the love they once knew?

I highly recommend the book to readers of all age. A well written, entertaining book. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

This book was provided by the publisher for review.