Wishcraft by Kade

Delilah is a Wiccan – witch. She is also a Pastry Chef at the Othello Restaurant where her day begins at 3:00 am. She hangs out at Gin’s, her favorite bar, where she picks up men for sex . Her standard drink is a martini and she use the olives to determine if the man she meets is the correct one. If the olive spends clock-wise the answer is yes, but if it spins counter clockwise the answer is no. If yes, she takes him home for a few hours of steamy sex. After the deed is done, she casts a spell on him, whispers “forget” and sends him on his ways.

Touch of Magic #1
Savannah Kade
Gryffin Ink
December 2016

The olives aren’t working too well until one night she picks up Brandon. She takes him home and after her sexual encounter, she tries to put her spell on him and send him on his way. To her dismay, the spell didn’t work. She couldn’t get rid of him. Instead he just turned over and went to sleep. She finally got him awake so she could go work and he insisted on going with her. Mid-morning she is finally able to send him home. Hopefully this is the last time she would see him, but it is not to be.

Brandon had a confused week. He could remember a few things, but mostly his memory was non-existent. Several weeks later he run into Delilah at Gin’s. He approaches her and asked what she had done to him. Of course, she denied even knowing him. Brandon finally remembered enough to locate her apartment, and without any notification, he walks in on her. She has his shirt and is again trying to cast a spell on him. She is unable to resist him and after her sexual encounter, he leaves

Brandon still is not satisfied with his memory loss and decides to do more. He remembers Delilah telling him she had a brother Tristan and he owned a Magic Shop. Locating the shop, he starts talking beginners classes in magic.
Brandon’s spells has unbelievable consequences for Delilah.

Can Delilah reverse Brandon’s spells and get her life back? Has she learned her lesson?

The book was interesting but a little confusing. A good read for those interested in black magic .

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for BookGateway.com and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

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