William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Doescher

Star Wars and Shakespeare fans rejoice! Unto you is given the most amazing book. Ever.

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars
Verily, A New Hope
Ian Doescher
Quirk Books
July 2013

Imagine the whole story of Star Wars: A New Hope as a classical Shakespearian play. Having trouble? Me too. Then I picked up the book and chose a page at random and started reading. Brilliant! Here, let me help from page 101:

LUKE ‘Tis fortunate thou hast these storgae bins.
HAN Their use hath ever been for smuggling goods.
Ne’er have I thought I would myself herein
Be smuggling. All we do is madness-fie!
If I could start the ship, the tractor beam
Would wrap its eagle’s talons ’round my neck.
OBI-WAN The tractor beam thou may’st leave unto me.
Han Thou fool, I knew thou wouldst say as much.
OBI-WAN Aye, say thou a fool? Then fool, good Sir, am I.

Yeah, it’s awesome like that. Every page is awesome like that!

The actions and language are only part of the story, though; as Doescher adds asides (even for Droids) and chorus to move the story forward and give insight that a casual watcher of the movie may miss. It is very well done.

I can’t recommend this book high enough. It is perhaps my favorite book of the year, and possibly of several years.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.