Why I Failed In The Music Business by Steve Grossman

This book would seem to have a very limited niche market. After all, how many people are in the music business? Actually, if you include those who want to be in the music business I suspect there would be several million. But even that is too limiting. The title of this book may sound like an extremely boutique offering but in reality its usefulness extends well beyond those interested in winning Grammys.

Why I Failed In The Music Business:
And How not to Follow in my Footsteps
By Steve Grossman
WordCrafts Press
June 2011

First off the book is fast paced and engaging. This is generally quite important these days but it is particularly important when dealing with artistic types who think that books dealing with “business” are a waste of time and creative energy. Grossman blows that idea away pretty quickly and before you know it you are hooked. This is a good thing because the ideas presented here really do have useful practical application. Grossman comes from the unique background of having been a professional musician for twenty years before discovering that he really enjoyed business as well.

I would suggest this book highly for anyone in the performing arts, not just music. This book will both enlighten and challenge such readers. Grossman not only gives valuable insight into what is really needed for success in the arts but in the same process he causes the reader to consider what is really needed for success in life regardless of your chosen profession.

This brings me to my main complaint. I understand why Grossman titled the book as he did, and it is an arresting title. However, the insight provided by this book applies to virtually every field of endeavor. It’s unlikely that anyone is reading this who isn’t interested in going into the music business, but if perhaps you are are considering buying this for a friend you might want to get two and keep one for

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