What Blooms From Dust by Markert

The train ride was free. The people were going to their dream town of Majestic Oklahoma. A town of elegant buildings, paved roads, and show houses. The pamphlets were a work of fiction as they would soon learn. Reaching their destination they were faced with miles and miles of desolation cut by a blazing sun. They has be scammed. The land however was for sale for a modest price. They were truly in the middle of nowhere and nowhere to go. Thus the town of Nowhere, Oklahoma was established.

What Blooms From Dust
By James Markert
Thomas Nelson
June 2018

The people set to work building sod houses and planting wheat. The land was fertile and soon the town was blooming at an alarming rate. The sod houses were replaced by actual houses and even a hotel. The residents were enjoying a land literally brimming with acres upon acres of wheat. Life was good. Then disaster happened. It hadn’t rained in four years, worst drought in recent history. The wheat and grass began to turn brown and then completely died until nothing was left but dirt. The livestock died due to lack of water and food. The town people were near to starvation as they had too little food and mainly survived on jackrabbits. If this was not bad enough, the dust storms started and were relentless. The wind left thick black dirt that covered everything and made it very hard to breathe. It took days to clean up everything just in time to again be covered by another storm.

Jeremiah Goodbye had been convicted of murdering three men and was scheduled to be electrocuted. At the time he was scheduled to be electrocuted, a thunder boomer had quickly spun into a twister, collapsing the back wall of the execution room five minutes into the first jolt of electricity, and he simply walked away. He had been given a second chance. Jeremiah knew that the law would soon be after him and he must find a safe place to stay. He would return to Nowhere knowing he would not be welcome.

After traveling for days and living through the many dust storms, he came across a mother literally selling her child. Taking the boy with him, who carried a typewriter, continued on his way to Nowhere. The people were afraid and the Sheriff wanted to return him to prison.

Things were really beginning to heat up. The townspeople were becoming more and more despondent and the dust storms became more brutal. Then one morning a miracle occurred. There was mail in the mailboxes. The people were excited and looked forward each morning for their letter. Who was writing the letters? Out of the hard dirt, in the middle of the street, a lovely rose grew. Soon there were roses everywhere. Along came the worst dust storm ever and blew all the roses away.

Then it began to RAIN! Will the town of Nowhere, Oklahoma prosper again?

I really enjoyed reading the book. It is filled with mystery and magic.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for BookGateway.com and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

This book was provided by the publisher for review.