Walking Dead Vol. 18: What Comes After by Kirkman, Adlard, and Rathburn

Negan has completely and fully turned once tough guy incarnate Rick in his b****. Carl doesn’t respect him. Andrea isn’t sticking around. The battle is over. Right?

The Walking Dead
Volume 18: What Comes After (103-108)

Written by Robert Kirkman
Illustrated by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn
Image Comics
June 2013

[SPOILERS GALORE] When Rick decides to go with a new plan to placate Negan and the Saviors instead of fighting not everyone is on board with it. But what choice does he have? Carl, though, has thoughts of his own about how to handle the threat and stowes away on the truck going back to Negan’s base with a large caliber machine gun. Once captured, which was inevitable, he is at the mercy of Negan’s mercurial whim. Carl’s capture sets in a motion a plan to save him – with Michonne, Andrea and Jesus following Rick – but at what price? [END SPOILERS]

After finishing up the most recent season on AMC you may be tempted to think that the series has no where to go. But you’d be so very wrong. The comics have long been much more intriguing and exciting – and that’s saying quite a bit – than the show. The show is hampered by actors and contracts and audience demos. The comic is not hindered at all, except by the whim of creator and writor Robert Kirkman’s decisions. So we find characters dying and growing and changing to a degree not seen in the show. And we find even more dangerous characters than the Governor. Negan is a great example of this. A complex and volatile enemy who we find is much more than simply a killer.

After the events in issue 100, this series changes once again in ways that we readers wouldn’t have guessed. I’m a fan of reading the trade paperbacks as we get a group of issues (usually 6) that we know are out and can run through them quicker than waiting on the next issue (which may or may not come out in a month.)

The artwork is expressive as always and the detailed landscapes and expressive characters lends itself to the world of the Walking Dead so much better than most comics out there today. The writing is tight and the pace just ambling enough to be authentic but just quick enough to keep the reader engaged.

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