Vengeance by A. J. Scudiere

Another amazing book written by one of my favorite authors. There are a millions of ways to die… Some are just more fun than others.

by A. J. Scudiere
Griffyn Ink
October 2008

Cynthia Beller’s parents were murdered by the mafia bosses. Cyn secretly plots her revenge. She would some day right the wrong done to her family. Lee Maxwell’s wife and daughter were also murdered by the mafia. In a haze of booze and regret he disappears. Owen Dunham is an FBI Agent – he has a badge and a case he can’t solve.

One by one the mafia men turn up dead – all tied up in a bright red ribbon. Agent Dunham is following the trail of the “Grudge Ninja – as he has come to call the killer. As Cyn become bolder and more dangerous, Agent Dunham begins to recognize that all the evidence is wrong. There appears to be another killer on the loose. Unbeknown to Agent Dunham, Lee Maxwell has joined up with Cyn. They plot their kills – in and out – Cyn with knives and Lee with guns. They are extracting a deadly revenge for an old wrong.

The numbers began to grow – Agent Dunham is not even close to solving the case. He begins to recognize that there are two killers and one is female. He questions if bringing in the drudge ninja is the right thing to do. It would make his career, but is it worth the trouble? Maybe he will resign, let someone else solve the case. He has always wanted to be a college professor.

As in Scudiere’s book – God’s Eye – the ending will surprise and delight you.

Ms. Scudiere is an excellent author of mystery fiction. She makes the characters come alive – you will live and feel each murder as Lee and Cyn extract their revenge.

Highly recommended.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, describes herself as “An 80 year old avid reader reviews the newest in Christian fiction and non-fiction with a sprinkle of the secular on top.”.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.

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