Under Dark Skies by Scudiere

darkskiesEleri Eames, an ex-profiled for the FBI, and Dr. Donovan Heath, medical examiner, have been recruited by Senior Agent In Charge Westerfield to become members of the elite special ops NIGHTSHADE. Eames jumped at the chance to become part of the team. Dr. Heath is branching out. He has become bored with his position as medical examiner and being out in the sunshine.

Under Dark Skies
Nightshade Forensic Files 1
A. J. Scudiere
Griffyn Ink
November 2014

Their first assignment is to locate a Cult Leader and his City of God believed to be somewhere in the vast land of Texas… They are also charged with finding the missing daughter of a very prominent FBI Agent. Eames has been assigned Lead Agent with Heath as her partner. She isn’t sure she can handle this especially with a green agent fresh out of the Academy. She has never been a lead agent before. Well time will tell. So she and Heath pack their bags and head for Texas.

The FBI believes the leader of this cult is a psychopath known as Joseph Hayden Baxter. He had several run-in with the law in his youth, but seems to have dropped off the grid. The city is believed to be somewhere in a small town around Dallas or San Antonio, but no one knows for sure since they haven’t had any siting of Baxter or the City.

Days of traveling back roads and staying in less than desirable motels turn up absolutely nothing. Westerfield is getting discouraged. His veiled instructions is to find Baxte soon, eliminate him and he doesn’t care how they do it. Through diligently working almost day and night they may have come across a lead, Heath has persuades Eames to let him go on a recon mission on his own as maybe they have pinpointed where the City might be located. This way he can use his secret and no one will be the wiser. He does locate what he believes is the City, but most importantly, he runs across an injured young boy trying to escape the City. They now have their first real lead.

The City starts bleeding people fleeing from the City looking for medical attention. Bodies are turning up by the dozens. Eames has discovered Heath’s secret. She confesses she has a secret of her own which could probably help them locate Baxter, but she is reluctant to use is as she had formerly divulged her secret which landed her an insane institution for three months. Eames needs advise so she introduces to her friend, an ex-FBI Agent. Heath cannot believe what he learns. Her friend is exactly like him. Are all of the NIGHTSHADE agents and ex-agents ODD? Were he and Eames recruited for their oddity? He is beginning to think so.

The location and invasion of the CITY OF GOD lead Eames and Heath on this really exciting, intriguing and dangerous assignment. Ms. Scudiere keeps you turning pages and glued to your chair as you take the journey with Eames and Heath. Will they succeed in eliminating Baxter and his City Of God? Ms. Scudiere is an excellent writer. She brings her characters to life right before your eyes. You feel as if you are walking each step with them as they complete their first assignment as a team. Ms. Scudiere’s books are keepers. If you are not a fan, you will be after your first book.

Highly recommended. Suggest you read all of Ms. Scudier’s book. You will be glad you did. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL BOOK NUMBER TW0 OF NIGHTSHADE IS PUBLISHED!

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.