True Images: The Bible for Teen Girls

With the current glut of feature Bibles one has to wonder whether there is actually value to another one of if this is merely a way to make more money. In the case of True Images, the answer is firmly in the adds value category.

True Images
The Bible for Teen Girls
June 2012

This NIV features the most current version of the NIV (2010), which is based on rock solid textual criticism and exegesis from the perpectual Committee on Bible Translation that brought us the original 1978 and 1984 NIVs that so many in the English speaking world trust and also 2005’s TNIV. Some may complain about the pronoun changes in this version compared to the older version but it is important to point out that all versions have pronoun (and other) determinations made by the translators. Each time the decision is made based on the common language and culture of the reader and the fact is that in 1978 “a man” would commonly be understood to be “a person” while in 2012 that is simply not the case. A “man” in today’s language is a “male” and a “person” could be either. All that to say that this version of the NIV is an extremely trustworthy translation into today’s English vernacular.

Why a featured Bible focused on Teen Girls? Frankly, I think this is a long time coming. We’ve seen for years the proliferation of Bibles for Men and Women, for students and apologists, and for kids and generic teens, but one specifically built for teen girls and the trials they deal with was missing. (This version is an updated version of the True Images Bible from 2007 with the newest NIV and articles.)

What I especially liked were the full color pages with quizzes, to-do lists, and interactive panels. Zondervan took a page out of any teen magazine here and flips the script from worldly “can-do-ism” to “what-God-did-ism.” The Truth or Dare sections are inserted on to the page where the text deals with a truth that sometimes we forget to apply to ourselves. For instance, Judges 11:34-35 includes a quick note saying:

“Lord, if you’ll only do this, I promise I’ll…” In desperate times, spouting pledges to God is all too easy. However, God takes your words seriously. So should you.

The Genuine inserts bring the truth of the Gospel home by challenging teens to be real. Mirror Image pages tell stories of women from the Bible and how their stories intersect with the teen reader.

As the father of a teen daughter this Bible comes at just the right time. She struggles with how to respond to quite a lot of the issues that this Bible highlights for readers. Those tips and insights along with a reader-friendly excellent translation make this a top notch Bible for teen girls.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.