The Tutor’s Daughter by Klaussen

Julie Smallwood is the main character in this delightful book. She is fast on her way to being a spinster due to her vast knowledge of books. She reads constantly and hoards her books like they were gold. Her father runs a small academy for young men of the gentry.

The Tutor’s Daughter
by Julie Klassen
Bethany House Publishers
January 2013

The year is over, all the students have graduated and gone home. Julie’s father receives an offer to come to Cornwall and tutor Sir Giles Weston’s two young sons. The two older Weston boy were taught by Professor Smallwood and this seems an ideal situation for Sir Giles since the boys’ mother thought they were to young to be away from home. Her father is delighted by the invitation and soon they are on their way to Cornwall.

The Smallwood’s arrival at Weston Manner is anything but pleasant. . Something very strange is going on. Julie and her father soon settle into the routine of tutoring the boys and are enjoying their stay in the country. Julie is beginning to have feelings for one of the Weston men. She is aware nothing will come of her feelings, but she can dream can’t she. Why would a Baron’s son want to have anything to do with a lowly tutor’s daughter?

Suddenly Julie’s life is turned upside down. Pranks are being played on her. Strange love letters are being slid under her door, she hears music being played late at night, a large hand appears on her mirror, and someone is coming into her room at night. These are things she can live with, but when she gets locked in an abandoned chapel and almost drowns, her father calls a halt and they return home to their small academy.

Will Julie’s love be returned by Mr. Weston or will she live out her days as a spinster – longing for what might have been?

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is well written, a page-turner and the plot holds you spell-bound. I fell in love with Julie from the first page and you will too.

Highly recommended.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.