The Story: Going Deeper, NIV: Find Your Place in God’s Redemptive Plan

The name of this Bible doesn’t do it any favors. This is a full NIV version of the Bible and it probably should be clearer to prospective readers. Other than the name, though, it really is just another Bible (which may be why the name was chosen.)

The Story: Going Deeper, NIV
Find Your Place in God’s Redemptive Plan
March 2012

This is a pretty standard NIV Bible with some interesting commentary boxes interspersed within the text. Unlike study Bibles, though, this one is very light on the additional content. In fact, after reviewing half a dozen Bibles in the last couple years this one is by far the one with the least new content.

What you get, along with the new NIV, are small storyline inserts that explain the text and how it goes together with God’s overall redemptive plan. It works well as it does connect the dots for new believers or seekers, but it doesn’t “Go Deeper” for veteran believers as it says in the name. Also, some of the inserts are from God’s perspective and do seem a little weird since they are in first person, e.g., “The reason I did this was…” I didn’t find it creepy, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the content as it changes perspective. I found it abrupt.

Unlike some reviewers of the New NIV, I don’t have a problem with the gender neutral pronoun changes. If you do, then this Bible isn’t for you (and you find benefit from books like [[ASIN:0310246040 How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth]], which can help with correctly interpreting the Bible and becoming comfortable in translating it into our modern culture – which doesn’t refer to male pronouns the same way the Biblical cultures did.)

Bottom line, this is a Bible. Not a study Bible and not a Bible with a lot of commentary. It has a little bit of commentary, which means it is also not a regular Bible either. As such, it’s hard to justify another version like this one since there are so many other nicer looking (this is a huge, thick hard back book) and so many other better study versions. I give it three simple, quiet, and almost unnecessary shrugs.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.