The Mercy by Beverly Lewis

This is the third book in The Rose Trilogy. The story continues with Hen and her husband, who is temporarily blind from an accident, still trying to figure out how they are going to live their lives since Hen wants to continue living in her Amish roots and her husband does not.

The Mercy
Beverly Lewis
Bethany House
September 2011

He wants a divorce and to take their daughter with him back to the “English” world. Hen loves her husband very much and wants to have her family together but is not sure how to combine his world and her new desire to stay Amish.

As the story unfolds, Hen and her husband learn more about each other and how to move on with the changes in their lives. Hens sister Rose is looking for the path in her life after she broke off her engagement to Silas. She knows that most of the boys her age are already married or spoken for so she sets her mind to accepting her new lot in life. Then, along comes Issac and she starts courting. Things are going well, but Issac has ideas as to how he wants to live his life and Rose is not sure she wants to follow him.

Then one day, an old friend comes back into the community. This brings confusion to Rose’s life and to the community. She is desperately looking for that happy ending. Will she find it with the man she loves?

This book was wonderful and Beverly Lewis did a great job of ending her trilogy. All three books are highly recommended!

Becky Freyenhagen is a wife and homeschooling mother of three. She also reviews at Booya! Books.

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