The Intercept by Wolf

WOW WOW WOW! This is the best nail-biting, page-turning, twisty suspense book I have ever read. It will literally take your breath away. The story will keep you glued to your chair with all the lights on and wondering just what will happen next.

The Intercept
Dick Wolf
William Morrow
December 2012

Bassam Shah has arrived in the Big Apple from Denver. Supposedly he came to check on the family’s coffee cart. In lower Manhattan Detective Jeremy Fisk arrived late at the Joint Terrorism Task Force Meeting. Bin Laden is staying at the home of Arshad Khan. Laden has visitors. They are discussing their next attack on the United States – especially New York City. Laden is angry. Once again we have foiled their attempt to bomb the subway. Bin laden states – “we must direct our energy toward a target of such powerful symbolic importance to the Americans that its destruction will resonate for generations.”

Scandinavian Flight 903 is approaching the Boston Airport from Sweden. Everything is going fine until suddenly one of the passengers- a Yemeni – tackles Flight Attendant Maggie – holding a knife to her throat. He has a bomb and is threatening to detonate it if he is not allowed in the cockpit. Several passengers rush him and wrestle him to the floor. The plane is re-routed to Bangor international Airport where the terrorist is taken into custody. They become heroes and are dubbed “the six”. Since the terrorist didn’t really have a bomb. Detective Fisk is a little confused. Was this just a trick and something bigger is going down?

Baada Bin-Hezam is in town. He is another on the terrorist list. In a Manhattan apartment, Aminah Bin Mohammed, an American woman turned Muslin, completes her final task. She is just waiting for a phone call. What is going down? One moment of delicious anticipation involves Bin-Hezan’s slow descent to the street. As he steps out of the building an army of cops converge on him. Another makes the decision to let someone in her hotel room late at night, then all hell breaks loose. A third man is planning something so big it will rock the world to its core.

Will Fisk and his crew discover the real plot in time to prevent another 911 incident in the Big Apple? How has Bin Laden been getting his messaged to Al-Qaeda operatives? Just who or what is the real target. The 4th of July celebration is in two days. The new tower at Ground Zero is to be dedicated with the past and present presidents in attendance. Could this be their target? Just how many terrorist are involved?

Dick Wolf is the architect of the most successful and long-running show in television history – NBC’s Law & Order. This is his literary debut and the first in a series featuring NYPD detective Jeremy Fisk.

I can’t recommend this book too highly. There are genuine surprises, moments of sheer panic, and suspense/terror that will take your breath away. I loved it and can’t wait for Wolf’s next novel to be published.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is an 80 year old avid reader reviews the newest in Christian fiction and non-fiction with a sprinkle of the secular on top..

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.

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