The Harbinger by Huntingford

An unbelievable good book. This new writer has a vivid imagination that will delight and thrill you as you read this amazing book.

The Harbinger
by Christopher Huntingford
Self Published
August 2013

The main character is Prince Alexander Wolfield, the fourth son of King Magnus. The dynasty has ruled the Kingdom of Alveus for the past 300 years. Today is Prince Alex’s 18th birthday. Today he is to select his own private guard from the King’s men. Father Malachus presents Alex with an amazing light-weight armor. The armor is infused with the blood of the gryphon. But that may be the only thing that is going well for Alex at his celebration. When Alex can’t find a guard he can trust he declines to select one and the King is very angry when he is told about the lack of following custom prompting Alex to leave the castle – taking only his horse and his dog with him. And so the adventure begins in earnest as Alex searches for twelve good men that will be loyal only to him and along the way he finds much more than he bargained for.

Alex’s journey gets him into all kinds of trouble. He is almost assassinated, visits far off realms, and finds that magic and magical creatures still exist in the land. He also uncovers a plot to destroy his homeland. Racing to stop the plot and save his people the question remain: will Alex’s destiny be revealed?

I loved the book. It is full of mystery, courage, misplaced loyalty, a mother’s love and just plain good. This is truly a page turner and a keeper. Maybe the author will write a sequel. Will Alex ever become king of Alveus?

Highly recommended for readers of all age.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.