The Deposit Slip by Johnson

The Deposit Slip is an intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing all throughout. I completely loved the whole story from beginning to end. I highly recommended for any age reader.

The Deposit Slip
By Todd M. Johnson
Bethany House
July 2012

When Jared accepts a, possible but highly unlikely, breakthrough case, it brings him back to his childhood home. With all the bad memories, he still chooses to go back there and eventually end back up at his home, with his dad. As he climbs deeper and deeper into this ten million dollar case, he finds, not just himself, but others in danger. When he discovers how deep he has gotten involved, it is really too late to back out and he is also closer than anyone has gotten so far, but how far would he go?

This book has many twist and turns. The outcome was nothing I expected. I loved the way Mr. Johnson wrote this to keep you wanting to engage in reading. I read this book in 2 days time.

Brittney Dodson is a stay at home mom who also works from home. She find reading free her from reality and the worries it brings.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.