The Crooked Path by Joubert

The time period is just before the start old WW2, during and after. Letty is young girl growing up with her friends in Africa. Her father is the town’s doctor. She hopes to take over his practice when he retires. Marco is a young man living with his family in Italy. He is in love with Rachel, a Jew. This is frowned on – a Jew and a Catholic. Never heard of such a thing.

The Crooked Path
Irma Joubert
Thomas Nelson
November 2017

Hilter and Mussolini have teamed up together to take over Europe, one country at a time. First on the agenda was the persecution of the Jewish people.

Fearing for Rachel and her family, Marco takes them to live in cave in the mountains. The cold and near starvation takes its toll on them and they lose one member of the family.

After several years, they are captured and taken to a German prison camp. They are required to do hard manual labor and given very little food. Many died daily. Maro had no way of knowing if Rachel is dead or alive.

The war finally ends and the remaining survivors are liberated by the Allies. Marco, near death from starvation and illness, is the only one of them that survived. He is returned to his family in Italy to either get well or die.

Marco’s heath isn’t improving. In fact, he seems to be getting worse. His brother, now living in Africa, persuades him to come to Africa where the climate is much warmer and drier than Italy. Letty, who has now become a renowned doctor, takes over his care.

The book was very interesting and well written. I could feel Marco and Rachel’s pain. Their dreams for a future, but the reality that it would never happen.

I like the book and recommend it to all readers over the age of ten.

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