The Bride Wore Coveralls by Debra Ullrick

Camara Cole and Chase Lamar are rivals for the mud-bog championship and when someone keeps sabotaging Camara’s bogger, she blames Chase.

The Bride Wore Coveralls
Debra Ullrick
Barbour Publishing
March 2008

The Bride Wore Coveralls by Debra Ullrick is a wonderful romance with Christian values and with God’s love and forgiveness shown throughout the entire book. Camara Cole is a beautiful young woman and she is happiest when she is working on a car as a mechanic, building a mud-bog truck, or racing her mud-bog truck in the hopes of winning the championship. She also has a deep faith in God but she fights daily against her pride and her need to prove herself as good a mud-bog racer as any man. Chase Lamar has been Camara’s friend since they were young and they have a running feud about which is the best, her Chevy bogger or his Ford bogger and they each consider the other their greatest competitor. At the beginning of the story, Chase does sabotage her truck a few times but after he becomes a Christian he stops the tampering and prays for her safety. On the last day of the racing season, Camara is again fighting her prideful attitude but if she beats Chase, she will be the Swamper Speedway’s mud-bog champion. Someone has tampered with Camara’s truck and that results in a terrible accident that sends Camara to the hospital and Chase forfeiting the race to go to the hospital to be with Camara.

All the characters were portrayed so realistically that I felt as if most of them were my friends but there were a few that I did not want as friends. I was happy that the author did have at least one of the bad guys become a Christian and end a feud that ran through the entire story. It was heart warming to read the way that both Chase and Camara grew in their spiritual walk with God. The author did an excellent job in showing how pride can hurt us and that God is always willing to forgive us and to shower us with his mercy and grace and to give us the desire to forgive others and to show them mercy. A well developed plot with some twists and turns kept me reading and not putting the book down until I had read the last page. I have never been to a mud-bog race but Debra’s descriptions of the scenes and action made the races come alive and I could clearly see in my imagination exactly what was happening. I could even hear the roar of the engines, the cheers of the crowd, and even feel the mud on my face. The ending of the book was great and even provided me with some good laughs.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who likes a great Christian romance that also provides laughter and tears. I also recommend that you read the sequel, Deja Vu Bride, which is just as enjoyable and as much fun to read.

Deanna Love Gottreu is a 74 year old widow and the mother of two wonderful sons who share second place in her life – with God being in first place. She spends her time reading or making quilts for charity. Her book reviews can also be read on her blog at

This book was provided by the author as a review copy.