The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion by Thielen

answerToo often the main excuse for people who avoid going to God is the people who are supposedly Christian and how they mistreat others.

The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion
A Guide to Good Religion for Seekers, Skeptics, and Believers
by Martin Thielen
Westminster John Knox Press
February 2014

There is a lot of bad press about Christians today. Sure, a lot of negativity is stirred up in Hollywood but there is enough smoke here to say a fire exists. So a message that clearly explains why someone shouldn’t abandon Christianity because of Christians is a welcome and needed one.

While I don’t agree with everything Martin Thielen writes regarding some specifics the can be no doubt that he is right in the broad sense. Christianity is much bigger than doctrinal distinctives. Interpretations and beliefs can vary and frankly everyone thinks they are right. But the truth is there is Christ and Him crucified then everything else. And any Christian who forgets they are a sinner and so would prefer other sinners not come to their church is a hypocrite. It is far better that everyone comes to know God and His love for us regardless of sin than for some to avoid God because they aren’t welcome. Sin is sin and the hope we all have through the process of sanctification is that we will stop sinning. That applies to everyone no matter their sin.

A great word that should be shouted from every pulpit: no matter your sin or your attitudes or culture, you belong in church. You belong with God. Don’t give up on Christianity!

I recommend this book highly.

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