The 5 Love Languages for Men by Chapman

5-Love-Languages-of-MenThe newest books in the popular ‘Love Languages’ series by Dr. Chapman are out and they focus on their target audience: men or women. The question is, what makes this book worthy of your purchase rather than the original?

The 5 Love Languages for Men
by Dr. Gary d. Chapman
Northfield Publishing
December 2014

This is in fact a very good question considering there are other versions of this book that already cater to men – “The 5 Love Languages Men’s Edition: The Secret to Love That Lasts” which came out in 2010. There are – and this is very surprising! – 128 total books available by Dr. Chapman on Amazon, the vast majority of which are derivatives of the original “Five Love Languages”. Interestingly, quite a lot of the books that are not specifically about the Love Languages deal with anger and apologizing. That is interesting because the only two sections that this book has that prior versions of the Love Languages are those two topics: how to deal with anger in a healthy way and how to apologize effectively.

I’m a fan of the concept of the Five Love Languages and I found value in reading two new sections (to this book). But I do wonder about the constantly produced “new” books when it seems like these few topics have been covered in detail quite a bit. And I wonder at why we would buy a book that focuses entirely on a single sex. Why not buy the complete version and get details for both sexes? In fact, this book at only 192 pages – and that was with large drawings inserted on dozens of pages – you aren’t getting as much as you could by paying less for an older version with all the info.

In the end, I can’t fault the publisher for trying to make more money on the concept (that’s what companies do) and I can’t fault any of the content of the book, which I found and continue to find valuable. I just don’t think we needed a new version. The only person I’d recommend this version to would be someone who had never read the concepts and is a male. Even then, I’d still recommend the original over this version.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.