Tempestuous by Askew and Helmes

Popularity is conditional. We’ve all seen them fall. Miranda Prospero, is one of those fallen.

A Twisted Lit Novel
By Kim Askew and Amy Helmes
Merit Press
January 2013

After her social life’s tragic demise, former “IT” girl Miranda is left working the “Hot Dog Cabob” with her new dweeby coworker: Ariel. During yet another awful shift at the food court of the local mall, a ginormuous snow storm sweeps in, trapping everyone in the mall overnight. To make matters even better, they’re trapped in with a thief who has broken in though the computer store! Miranda is left with a quiet and sarcastic loner named Caleb all night- literally. The two are handcuffed together. Again making things worse: the “IT” crowd, that used to practically worship Miranda, is locked in with them. This is going to be a loongg night…

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and had a great time romping around the mall with these unforgettable characters. One thing parents may be concerned about are the usage of curse words. For instance, the “s-word” frequently and an example “her hellish s___s” are used in the book. Other than that the book is wonderful.

Unlike in Exposure, another twisted lit novel (see my review of it here) I have not read the Shakespeare play that this novel is based off of. I plan on reading The Tempest soon though, so that I can find all the little allusions and similarities that are sure to be there, like they were in Exposure.

I would recommend this book to middle schoolers and up to read, based on individual maturity and parent’s discretion. This book was wonderful to read and I hope to be seeing many more twisted Lit novels published In the future.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.