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Attack on Titan 1

Attack on Titan is an incredibly odd story, even for a manga or anime, which is where I first was introduced to this world. Humanity live in huge walled cities and outside the walls are giant steam monsters that look like naked humans and that eat humans if available. No one knows where they came from or what their goal is. Survival is the focus.

Attack on Titan 1
By Hajime Isayama
Kodansha Comics
June 2012

In manga 1, we meet Erin, the overly angry teenage protagonist and his friends, the smart thinker friend and the powerful warrior friend and the inexplicable enemies. Anime tropes = achieved. If there isn’t something introduced to make this story stand out quickly it’s easy to see how some readers would lose interest. (Like I did when I got so freaking bored watching Erin take his lessons on the anime – I wasted adventure; not high school drama.) Fortunately, things do get a little better as [Spoiler Alert] Erin gets eaten at the end of manga 1.

I’ve already queued up manga 2 and intend to finish all 22 prior to watching the live action Japanese movies (2014) with my daughter, who loves this story.

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