Star Wars The Old Republic: Annihilation by Karpyshyn

Unlike the stale storylines in other science fiction universes, Star Wars continues to expand with new characters and stories that build upon the originals without negatively impacting continuity. This book is based on characters and the timeline from BioWare’s Old Republic video game and is a blast without Luke, Han, and other familiar names.

Star Wars The Old Republic: Annihilation
By Drew Karpyshyn
Read by Marc Thompson
LucasBooks | Random House Audio
November 2012

In this story, Theron Shan, a special investigator for the Republic (think: galaxy-wide CIA) is on assignment to find a way to stop Darth Karrid and her unstoppable Imperial battle cruiser, the Ascendant Spear. The Ascendant Spear has thus far not only won every battle it’s taken part in but completely annihilated any resistance with unnatural speed, agility in space and firepower due to the human-ship connection made by Karrid and the Force with the ship.

After Theron steals a way to decode Imperial transmissions he soon has to choose whether the goal of destroying the Ascendant Spear (and possibly ending the war) is worth the cost. (I won’t give it away).

What I liked about this book is that Theron is a stand alone, popcorn action hero that would have fit in almost any Hollywood movie starring (younger) Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise. He’s that same gritty guy that we find in so many stories. Not a genius and not a Jedi, Theron relies on outsmarting and out shooting the enemies. This is Mission Impossible in Star Wars.

Because the story features new characters, and fun ones at that, and because it is an enjoyable if not deep story, this is one that I recommend. If you are an audio book lover then I recommend it even more as the audio book of Star Wars books are amongst the best produced of all books. Sound affects and music bring the book to life in ways that the normal audio book just doesn’t.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.