Star Wars: Scoundrels by Zahn

The money he got is gone. Jabba is after him even harder. What’s a smuggler to do when someone offers you the heist of a lifetime? Take it, Han, take it.

Star Wars: Scoundrels
by Timothy Zahn
read by Marc Thompson
LucasBooks / Randomhouse Audio
January 2013

Han, Lando, Chewy and a mash up of one-more-heist stereotypical characters come together to do, well, one last heist in post-Episode IV Star Wars. On a small planet, a small businessman contacts Han to help him get his money back from some local gangsters. To get the money, they will have to break in to the gangster’s fortified villa, steal the money chips, and get out without anyone knowing. Han needs the money of he’s dead. Is this his chance to finally get out of debt to Jabba?

This is a great story! It is well written, fast paced, and all the other clichés that go along with exciting. Unlike some stories this one is actually all of those things and more.

I love that we get to see the relationship between Han and Lando, which we knew was strained when we meet Lando in Cloud City (Episode V), but we never knew why until now. No spoilers, but the way they play off each other in this book is very similar to how they play off each other in the Empire Strikes Back.

I also love how we have a Star Wars book with original cast characters but with no Jedi powers. Sometimes Jedi powers can over-power (so to say) stories. After all, if you can just Jedi jump up to the third floor or waive your hand and the guard will let you in then sneaking across trees to break in to a hotel room just isn’t as cool.

This is a great heist story that happens to take place in the Star Wars universe with characters we love written by one of the best Star Wars authors we have. A must have for fans and one of my favorite books of the year.

A note about the audiobook: Marc Thompson is perhaps the greatest Star Wars reader I’ve ever heard! Star Wars is amazing anyway with sound effects, music, character voices (like Chewy or R2). But Thompson was able to do a very good Han and Lando, which brought this story to life. Outstanding!

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.