Star Trek FAQ 2.0 by Clark

We all know Star Trek: The Motion Picture was lame. But do you know why? I do. Thanks to Star Trek FAQ 2.0.

Star Trek FAQ 2.0
By Mark Clark
June 2013

Star Trek FAQ 2.0 picks up where the original left off: the dawn of the original cast’s movies through the development of The Next Generation to 2009’s reboot Star Trek. Each section is packed with details and behind the scenes insight that, as a Trekkie, had me devouring it like a man starved who suddenly finds himself in front of a T-bone.

The book included chapters on each of the movies, each season of TNG, with detailed synopsis of each episode, the various alien species, analysis of show themes, actors and how they were selected along with biographies, directors and show runners, and more. Because this is not authorized readers get both the good and the bad, which enriches this work. Too often, we’ve had memories and authorized books that sugar coated the struggles of the movies early on and the difficulty in getting TNG made, the conflicts between writers and Gene Roddenberry, or the rivalry between Shatner and Nimoy. This book is refreshingly honest.

If I must pick something to dislike, I mean if you really bent my arm, it would be some of the titles used by the author. I grew tired of Roddenberry being called The Great Bird of the Galaxy and I dislike the term Trekkers only because I identified with Trekkies before I ever heard that term.

Seriously, there isn’t anything here that a Trekkie (or Trekker) would absolutely love in this work. It’s going on my shelf where I keep my favorite SciFi and fantasy. It’s a Star Trek fan’s dream come true.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.