Speaking From Among the Bones by Bradley

A Flavia De Luce mystery is a treat worth waiting all year for. What a treat this one is!

Speaking From Among the Bones
Flavia De Luce #5
by Alan Bradley
read by Jane Entwistle
Bantam / Random House Audio
January 2013

In this, the fifth in the series, Flavia had to deal with the impending sale of her family’s home, Buckshaw, while also trying to solve a murder at St. Tancred’s Church discovered during the excavation of the saint’s remains (to prepare for his quincentennial in 1951.)

Then at the end, Bradley gives the reader one amazingly big cliff hanger to keep fans salivating for the next book – one that I found to be less compelling even though I am certainly a fan of the series. (I felt it was overused in current entertainment. Just my opinion.)

Like the previous books in this series, Flavia steals the show. Sure, we want to know whodunnit and how, but more we want to watch this precocious young lady navigate the murky waters of adult politics and dangerous situations. She is part Sherlock Holmes and part Indiana Jones and a hundred percent enjoyable to read.

An excellent, fun, witty novel that I highly recommend.

A note about the audio version: once again, Entwistle does a great job injecting sass and emotion into the words being read. (Like normal, see I Am Half Sick of Shadows for another great example.) Characters are clearly differentiated, and mood is well established through tone and pace. Very well done.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.