Sluagh: Demon of the Night by Darrell Case

sluagh Max Furman is a serial killer of young boys aged four to seven and he goes undetected for eighteen years. Antoine is Max’s person satanic demon.

Sluagh: Demon of the Night
by Darrell Case
Self Published
October, 2013

Sluagh: Demon of the Night by Darrell Case is a book that grabs you on page one and does not let go until you reach the last page. When Max Furman was a child he was abused by his mother, often telling him that she should have killed him when he was an infant. His heart turns to stone and one day when he is fourteen he kills his baby sister which is his first kill. When Max becomes an adult he becomes a serial killer of young boys between the ages of four and seven and goes undetected for eighteen years. Max has always hidden the bodies where they will never be found but he longs for recognition so he starts to display the bodies of the murdered boys. The FBI starts working the case and the media calls Max the Ghost. Max needs a place to hide so he forges a resume and becomes the pastor of a church. Andrew and Antoine were angels created at the same time and were close friends. When the rebellion came, Andrew stayed loyal to God but Antoine became one of Satan’s demons and Max’s personal demon.

Wow, what an imagination this author possesses which allows him to write such a great story. I read the book in one sitting except for the time I took to attend Sunday night church. I just could not put the book down until I knew what was going to happen and how the story would end. I think this may be the most suspenseful book that I have ever read. The author did an excellent job with every element of the story. The plot had some twists which added to the mystery of the story. Max was so well developed that the reader could see his psychotic character and at the same time see the spiritual warfare that was going on in the story. All the characters in the story came to life and some I truly liked and some I really hated. All the action scenes were so vividly written that I could almost imagine myself right in the middle of the action. Although the story is about a serial killer who murders very young boys, the author balanced the story by writing how God and his angels worked to overcome the evil and to bring about justice.

I highly recommend this book to everyone that likes a very suspenseful Christian story filled with angels and demons and that keeps you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails. I don’t think that I would recommend for anyone under the age of thirteen and then I feel the parent should check it out first.

Deanna Love Gottreu is a 75 year old widow and the mother of two wonderful sons who share second place in her life – with God being in first place. She spends her time reading or making quilts for charity. Her book reviews can also be read on her blog at

This book was provided by the author as a review copy.