Becoming a Woman of Faith by Cynthia Heald

 One in her Becoming a Woman of […] series, Cynthia Heald examines the issue of faith in Becoming a Woman of Faith. In this volume, Heald examines the question of faith, doubt, and how we can increase our faith in God.  The book is arranged in 11 chapters, each dealing with a different idea or area of faith.  Heald starts with showing you how God proves he is faithful.  She then walks through overcoming doubt, how we can put faith into action, how to keep our faith going, and several other areas of faith.
I love that Heald takes an in-depth approach to faith and provides many, many examples in scripture throughout the study.  She interjects personal thoughts on faith throughout the study as well.  There are scriptures for memorization and suggestions for ways to increase our faith.
I will be the first to tell you that I am not a Bible scholar.  I need more direction when it comes to studying and understanding God’s word. From that perspective, Heald’s book along does not offer this.  I think it would work much better for someone who has a much more in-depth working knowledge of God’s word.  For beginners, it could leave you wanting more.  In all fairness, Heald’s book does state up front that some additional references (Bible commentary, study Bible with references, etc) can be helpful when going through this study.  
Still, I think beginners can still get some insight into walking in faith, even if it is a little ahead of where a beginner would be in studying the Bible.  There are a lot of thought-provoking questions that really do a great job of having the reader study and ponder the meaning of God’s word, leaving you with more knowledge and understanding than you had in the beginning.  I would certainly recommend this book and will be looking into other books in this series.
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