Reunited at Christmas by Debra Ullrick

91SN81ZQjDL._SL1500_Shelby’s heart was broken when Ryker, her fiance, called three months before the wedding and said that he could not marry her. He is now back in town and is hoping that he can win her love and trust again.

Reunited at Christmas
by Debra Ullrick
Self Published
November 2013

Reunited at Christmas by Debra Ullrick is a wonderful story of love, trust, and forgiveness. Shelby Davis is slowly rebuilding her life after her fiance called three months before the wedding and said that he could not marry her but gave no explanation. Her work as a trainer of search and rescue dogs is helping her overcome her heartbreak. When she receives a call for her rescue dog, Max, and her snowmobile, she learns that the missing person she needs to find is Ryker Anderson, the man that caused her broken heart. She never wants to see him again but she is a professional and it so happens that it is her dog that finds Ryker. He has finally returned home to Grand Lake, Colorado, and is hoping and praying that he can win Shelby’s love and trust once again.

Debra did an excellent job in the development of every element of the story. She made the characters so real that I was shedding tears with them or laughing with them. The plot had a few surprises and was so well written that sometimes I was holding my breath to see what would happen next. There was also a good deal of suspense in the story. The scenes were so real that I felt as if I were right in the middle of what was happening, I was even feeling the cold of the snow. I especially like the way the author has God as a vital part of the story. She shows that He is with us on the mountaintops and in the valleys. Learning to trust again was well covered in the story and this also showed the love of God. In my opinion, Debra has written a book that is a must read for the Christmas season for after reading you will have a smile on your face and love in your heart.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great romantic story set during the Christmas holidays and that also has the love and forgiveness of God throughout the book.

Deanna Love Gottreu is a 75 year old widow and the mother of two wonderful sons who share second place in her life – with God being in first place. She spends her time reading or making quilts for charity. Her book reviews can also be read on her blog at

This book was provided by the author as a review copy.