Return to Me by Lynn Austin

71QsbnEhnxL._SL1500_ King Cyrus of Babylon gives the Jews permission to return to Jerusalem to live and to rebuild the temple.

Return to Me
by Lynn Austin
Bethany House
October 2013

Return to Me by Lynn Austin is a great Biblical and historical story about the return of the Jews to Jerusalem when King Cyrus of Babylon permitted them to leave and return to their homeland. He also gave them permission to rebuild the temple and promised to help with the expenses of rebuilding. Iddo is a priest who has been praying for years for the return of the Jews to Jerusalem but his family has grown comfortable in Babylon and have strayed from God. At the beginning of the story Iddo comes off as rather pompous and determined to get his own way in all matters. His wife asked Iddo how she could believe in God’s love when all he ever emphasized was God’s laws and wrath and did not talk about the love and forgiveness of God.. Iddo’s oldest grandson, Zechariah, is torn between staying in Babylon with his parents and their comfortable way of life and the beliefs of his grandfather. After hearing God’s voice, Zechariah decides to return to Jerusalem. The rebuilding of the temple is begun but is constantly beset with problems. Many of the problems are caused by the Samaritans who resent the return of the Jews. King Cyrus dies and his son orders the rebuilding to stop. After many years the prophet Haggai comes on the scene and encourages the people to again start the rebuilding of the temple. Shortly after Haggai comes to Jerusalem, Zechariah is called to be a prophet. Dinah, Iddo’s wife, and Yael, a young girl when the story begins, play a large role in the story.

The author did an excellent job with all elements of the story, Just for my own information I checked several things in the Bible and it is very evident that Lynn Austin did her research before writing this book. The story came to life for me and I was transported back to Jerusalem along with all the characters. In the description of the journey from Babylon to Jerusalem, I was trudging right along with the travelers. All the scenes in the story were very well written and I felt a part of each one and was living the story right along with the main characters. All the characters came to life and I felt as if I knew everyone of them personally, even some of them as good friends. If you are familiar with the Bible then you know how the story ends but reading the story as written by the author makes for a most enjoyable read.

I highly recommend this book to everyone that enjoys a great historical story set in Biblical times.

Deanna Love Gottreu is a 74 year old widow and the mother of two wonderful sons who share second place in her life – with God being in first place. She spends her time reading or making quilts for charity. Her book reviews can also be read on her blog at

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