Real Life Real Miracles by Galrow and Wall

This book is not just a “feel good” book with stories to make you smile, it is full of TRUE life stories about how God works in people’s lives to bring glory to Him.

Real Life Real Miracles
True Stories That Will Help You Believe
By James L. Garlow and Keith Wall
Bethany House
November 2012

There was one story that should pique anyone’s interest about life and God’s power to heal. In this story, the lady’s name is Noelle and she was living out a generational curse of deafness that had started generations earlier. As soon as she turned 20 years old, she started losing her hearing, and this was quite an adjustment for someone who loved music! At the age of 50, God changed all of that. She went to a song service expecting great things, and God came through in a big way — she could hear again!!

This reminds me of the story in the Bible of the 10 lepers who were healed and the ONE that had to go and tell EVERYONE what God had done for him.

This book will bring you peace and happiness and help you to remember that when God moves in your life, YOU WILL KNOW IT. It will also inspire you to want Him to move in your life and to remember to ask Him to and to expect great results! That is how I felt when I read this book.

Shelley Walling is a 43 year male who is on disability retirement from complications from brain surgery. He was an Electrical Dispatcher for 11 years until the surgeries, he now enjoys spending time with his wife and two girls who are still at home along with four grown boys as well. He and his wife have an interest in sustainable and off-grid living and hope to live off-grid one day. He likes to read books about nutrition and medicine, Christian fiction and end times theology.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.