Play It For Me by Suzanne D. Williams

91bemUr9AEL._SL1500_Niccolo Cavatelli is a well known cellist but he has cut himself off from the outside world and lives in isolation.

Play It For Me

by Suzanne D. Williams
Self Published
June 2014

Play It For Me by Suzanne D. Williams is the last book in the Italian Series and I for one hate to see the series end. Niccolo Cavatelli is a well known cellist but has cut himself off from the outside world. His entire world is music and even though he hears notes night and day, they do not contribute to the security he so strongly desires but adds to his isolation as does his lack of faith and trust in God. Nancy Dennis, a lady in her fifties, has stayed with Niccolo for the past three years. She is with him day and night, six days a week, and also travels with him when he has concerts. She is finally taking a week vacation and her niece, Kati Dennis, will be staying with Niccolo. There is an instant attraction between Niccolo and Kati and this leads him to write his greatest song but a thoughtless word from Kati sends Niccolo into a rage and it appears that he has lost the music.

Just as with the first four books in the series, Suzanne has done a great job in developing the characters. My heart went out to Niccolo and I wanted to help him regain his life and music. Kati was so very real also but when she uttered the words that sent Niccolo into a rage, I wanted to shake some sense into her. All the scenes were so descriptive that I felt as if I were in them along with the characters in the story. When Niccolo went into his destructive rage, I was almost holding my breath for I could not believe what he was doing. But his actions did make Kati stop and think and she realized what she had done to cause him to lose his temper so violently. There were several turns and twists to the plot line but everything worked out for the good in the end. There was a happy ending but it also contained a little sadness. This story was about Niccolo but it was also about the love and salvation of God for His children.

I highly recommend this book to all that enjoy a great Christian love story that also shows what the love of God can do in a person’s life.

Deanna Love Gottreu is a 75 year old widow and the mother of two wonderful sons who share second place in her life – with God being in first place. She spends her time reading or making quilts for charity. Her book reviews can also be read on her blog at
This book was provided by the author as a review copy.