Oops! by Bill Myers

If only life could be normal for TJ. But with a name like Thelma Jean Finkelstein, it seems the outrageous had already been planned for her. Not many girls her age, or any girls for that matter, could say they were the cause of a charging African elephant through the school gym or the reason one cafeteria mealtime suddenly turned into everyone’s thoughts being broadcast for all to hear. And though many people could say they can count their best friends on one hand, how many can say two of them can be anything they want to?

TJ and the Time Stumblers #3
by Bill Myers
Tyndale House Publishing
September 2011

Tuna and Herby don’t seem in the least bit put out when they converse as a goldfish or canary, and are only slightly annoyed when TJ has to cover up their conversations, so others won’t wonder at the invisible voices. It seems the trio leaves a wake of unexplained and hilarious events in their path. If only they could uncover Bruce Bruiseabone’s whereabouts and intentions before Hesper Breakahart, her sisters and Chad (who by the way has the dreamiest eyes) discover her unusual circumstances.

I enjoyed this book. It is the third book in a six book series, but I don’t think it is necessary to read the others before this one to enjoy it. The author does a great job helping the reader step right in. I did feel it was a bit of a cliff hanger, not understanding what got accomplished. But I think maybe all my questions would be answered if I were to finish the series. I like the way the author added wit with a touch of pop culture and a lesson in good values. He seems to know how to grab the audience this was intended for, which I would say is pre-teen to early teens. It was a short read, but enjoyable. I would recommend it.

Heather Ring say that books are her plane ticket into another world, “I’d feel lost with out them. Reading is a part of me. However I am also an avid lover of the outdoors and pouring into my creative outlets. But I think my biggest passion, is spending time with my family and friends.”

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.