Not-So-Humble Pies by Jaggers

Some people follow directions when they cook and some people like to change things up. Kelly Jaggers is firmly in the second category and this book is full of unexpected, but surprisingly tasty recipes.

Not-So-Humble Pies
by Kelly Jaggers
Adams Media
June 2012

I admit that some of the recipes won’t appeal to everyone – lemon pistachio tart and green tea passion fruit mousse are just a couple examples of pies that I am not so interested in trying – but there are so many options and ideas here that it would be hard to understand how anyone could check it out and not find something they would love to try. In fact, I had several of those “why haven’t I ever thought of this; it’s so perfect!” moments. Some of my favorites are the apple pie with spicy cheddar crust and most of the dinner pies (like apple, brie and bacon tart or apple brie tart and bacon tart). Admittedly, some of the dinner pies are closer to fancy pot pies than actual dessert pies, but they fit in great in this book.

One of the things I felt was not explained well enough were the directions themselves. It seems like this book is really for people who are pretty good cooks already as the directions assume a certain level of skill as they leave out some of the details on how to do what they are asking for. Compared to a Betty Crocker Cookbook (well worn on my kitchen shelf,) this is advanced. Not to the point where a novice couldn’t figure it out, but it is challenging.

A note about the book itself: it’s hardback with a sleeve, giving it a high quality, rich feel, which I think it is perfect for the subject. It is also full color all the way through with colored fonts and full color photos. It simply looks great. It will make a great gift book for the wannabe chef in your life.

Overall this is a great gift book for the chefs in your life or a great addition to your own cookbook library if you are someone who likes to try new twists on tried and true recipes.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.