Nooks & Crannies by Lawson

nooksFlavia. Wonka. Fun.

Nooks & Crannies
Written by Jessica Lawson
Narrated by Susan Riddell
Dreamscape Media
June 2015

Tabitha Crum, an abused (although she doesn’t know it) and neglected child, is selected to visit a prestigious manor and a reclusive benefactor, Countess Camilla DeMoss, but doesn’t know why. Five other kids are brought as well as their parents for an unknown reason, with unknown possibilities. When someone turns up dead, this shy girl turns full Clue and sets out to solve the case.

This story is very much Flavia De Luce (by Alan Bradley) and the Chocolate Factory. The roadmap to the story has been done again and again. Child detective (from England, of course,) solves a mystery and passes tests for an unknown, but important rich person with a new future in the balance. That said, Jessica Lawson does it well. Tabitha is very likeable and easy to empathize with. The children are interesting. Her pet mouse, Pemberley, is cute and different. All to say that, while this is familiar, it is worth reading.

Susie Riddell does a great job as the reader. She hits just the right notes to bring alive the inner life of Tabitha and her cheekiness as well. Characters are easy to differentiate and the story moves quickly.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.