Nnewts by Doug TenNapel

nnewtsThe Nnewt city is beset by evil Lizzarks in an unprovoked attack that devastates the people and leaves young Herk alone and on the run. The problem is that Herk is handicapped by under developed legs. As he struggles to survive he also searches for a way to restore his legs and find his destiny.

#1 Escape from the Lizzarks
by Doug TenNapel
January 2015

At times the story seems disconnected and problems are solved too conveniently and quickly. For instance, Herk has a disability but instead of overcoming it he [SPOILERS] fights the god of the Lizzarks who stole them from him as a child. It’s over with a single blow off a rock to the head. How did he get there? At a temple in the ruins of the Nnewt city, where he finds nnewts2himself after his family is murdered, and guided by an old king who appears and disappears just as quickly. Then he’s at a huge city of Nnewts ams is saved by an arrow from a constellation. [END SPOILERS] I know there is a lot left untold at this point as this is only book one but I felt things really moved quickly with very little back story. Hopefully future books clear some of this up.

This is a book written with 8-12 year old kids in mind and I think that’s the nnewt3right age group for reading skill and interest. It may be rough on some to see the content depictions of Herk’s parent and siblings killed. As my 8 year old said, [SPOILERS]  “The book is interesting but a lot of people die.” (See pictures to the left for the death of the mother.) [END SPOILERS]

The art is great – something you’d expect since the author created Earthworm Jim – and the story, while abrupt is fun and complex. I recommend it to older – 3rd grade and up – readers.

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