NIV One Impact Bible

When the text hasn’t had anything new to say in 2000 years I guess some feel you have to spice it up with margin notes and devotionals to sell it. I just don’t see the difference and I don’t a compelling reason for this book being printed.

NIV One Impact Bible
by Terry Squires
October 2012

This Bible is the NIV but with devotional notes. While the notes are good – expecially for new believers or seekers – they don’t add as much to your devotional life as an actual devotional might. Consider [[ASIN:0929239571 My Utmost for His Highest: Updated Edition]] for an in depth, truth stuffed devotion. Compare that to the devotions in this Bible and you see that they fall far short. And this isn’t to say you gotta go with a great historical devotional. Most of today’s devotions are much better than the content added in the margins and text of this Bible.

So is the point to carry only one book? If so, why not carry a Kindle or just use your smartphone or tablet apps? You can have hundreds of devotionals and Bible versions at your finger tips.

I’m for printing as many NIV Bibles as possible and getting them in the hands of anyone who wants to read them. But I’m not for printing Bibles with different notes so that people who already own five Bibles can buy one more.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.