Night Road by Kristin Hannah

After a battle with infertility, infant loss, and finally, a very tumultuous pregnancy, Jude Farraday gave birth to twins Mia and Zach. From that day on, Jude did everything she could to make sure her children were protected. She learned all of their friends, provided a place for them all to be together (under her watchful eye), and involved herself in nearly every aspect of their lives.

On the first day of high school, Mia befriends Lexi Baill, who has recently come to live with her Great Aunt after being shuffled from foster home to foster home most of her childhood. As they grow closer, Jude welcomes Lexi into her family. Eventually, Zach even admits that he has loved Lexi since he met her, and the three grow even closer.

One night. One poor decision. Everything changes, and lives are altered irrevocably.

What follows is a story that could easily be a “Behind The Scenes” look at the wake left behind when a tragedy occurs.

Prior to Night Road, I had not read any of Kristin Hannah’s novels. This is an oversight that I am glad I have rectified. The story that Hannah weaves is so intricate and detailed that you feel as though you have stepped into the lives of her characters. You feel the emotional turmoil; you are invested in how (if at all) repair can happen.

Hannah is most certainly a master at her craft. As her story progresses, you find yourself relating to those on both sides, unable to decide who is “right.” She takes you through the tragedy and the aftermath, leaving it up to you to draw your own conclusions.

If there is one downside to her story, it’s that it didn’t come with a warning label. I highly recommend having a box of tissues on hand for this one. You will certainly need them.

Robin Gwaro describes herself as “a woman just trying to keep it all together. Most days, I have the juggling act down! Others, I have the broom and dustpan handy to clean up the mess. My life is not always easy, it is not always neat, but it is always worth every minute!” Her personal blog is Just Wandering. Not Lost.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.

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