The Mystery at Discovery Lake by Renea Brumbaugh

Publisher Info: When six girls from different parts of the country end up as roommates at camp, they also join forces to find out what’s really going on beyond the crafts and Bible quizzing. Where are the strange noises coming from? And what’s the “DanGer” warning all about? “Camp Discovery” indeed! The mysteries seem as thick as the woods surrounding the cabins!

The Mystery at Discovery Lake
Camp Club Girls
by Renea Brumbaugh
Barbour Books
January 2010

This in the first book in the Camp Club Girls series. This book was about a bunch of girls going to camp. They are put into the same cabin room. At first they do not know each other but they are soon friends and team up to compete in contests at camp. The girls know that they can not let a mean girl named Amberlie win. During the story, they play pranks and meet a stray puppy. Kate takes him in and names him Biscuit.

The main story starts when they find Sydney and Bailey running as fast as they can away from the golf course. They had heard some scary noises when Bailey was golfing. The girls team up to solve the mystery. The girls work together for both the contests at camp and solving the mystery. Kate uses her knowledge and amazing gadgets, Elizabeth uses her leadership skills and knowledge of the Bible, Sydney uses her speed and nature knowledge, McKenzie uses her knowledge of horses and other farm animals, Bailey uses her performing abilities, and Alexis uses her humor and Sherlock Holmes knowledge.

The girls work together to save the day. The girls end up calling themselves the camp club girls. This book was definitely one of the best books I have ever read! I am looking forward to reading the others in this series.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.