My First Handy Bible by Olesen and Mazali

My First Handy Bible has thirty three Bible stories in this carry along feature for babies and toddlers. This board book is durable with a hard back cover and a latch to hold it securely shut. Easy to clean up all those messes little ones seem to make.

My First Handy Bible
by Cecilie Olesen and Gustavo Mazali
Hendrickson Publishers
January 2012

The stories are told in a simple format that is easy to read. The stories are perfect to hold the attention of any on the go toddler. This Bible has beautiful illustrations that your little ones will love learning about the truths of God’s Word.

My thoughts:

This is a perfect Bible for little ones. What child doesn’t love to carry around toys and books? The yellow handle is perfect for little hands. I can think of many toddlers who would love carrying around this Bible.

The most important thing is that you are teaching God’s word to them. Why not start early; your toddler can tote their own bible to church with them. Simple sentences retell Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation.

I have read this to my children who are much older a few times already. My not toddler son thinks it should be his Bible. Needless to say it will be a gift to one of my little nieces out of state. This would make a perfect baby shower gift for any expecting mother. This is a delightful Bible that will be a blessing to any child up to three years old.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.